Press Release

On Thursday, 7 Apr 2016, ASI filed a Notice of Appeal to the State of Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board, legally appealing PA-DEP’s decision to suspend ASI’s secondary accreditation in Pennsylvania.   ASI met with PA-DEP in Harrisburg on Friday (08 Apr 2016) and believes the discussions to date have been fruitful, and the parties are on a path towards amicable resolution of the alleged issues identified by PA-DEP. 

On Tuesday, 12 Apr 2016, the New Hampshire Environmental Laboratory Program (NH-ELAP) released a draft report regarding its audit / review of the PA-DEP NOV and Notice of Suspension, which took place at ASI on Friday, 01 Apr 2016.  The audit focused on reviewing the issues raised in the NOV and Notice of Suspension and the draft report concludes that there is insufficient information available for NH-ELAP to make a fully informed decision about ASI’s NH-ELAP accreditation status at this time.  Notably, NH-ELAP has not taken any action to suspend ASI’s NH-ELAP primary accreditation.    

NH-ELAP will conduct a thorough on-site audit of ASI on 10-12 May 2016.  Joining NH-ELAP will be USEPA technical experts regarding EPA Methods 1623.1 and 1623 (Cryptosporidium and Giardia analyses).  ASI welcomes this opportunity to defend its laboratory procedures and the expertise of our staff and fully expects that these audit findings will support our position that the PA-DEP’s suspension of ASI’s accreditation was in error.


There has been no change in ASI’s Primary Accreditation status with NH-ELAP.  With the exception of Pennsylvania, ASI continues to receive and analyze LT2 compliance samples from clients all 20+ states in which we have been approved since the beginning of LT2 Round 2.